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Last season Ailith (my husband's current character name) and I tried to arena just for laughs. We only kept it up for a few weeks since while we really loved the game, we had chosen about the worst possible comp we could - Death Knight/Mage. Given our limited chances for success, we hit on a very simple strategy.

We assumed the other team would probably focus my Mage as the easier kill. I would run around in circles absorbing damage and screaming 'Get them off! Get them off!' while taking almost no damage, as a decent Frost Mage is really only a taunt away from being a tank. Ailith would follow, hitting them in the back, and we would see who died first.

Don't laugh. It actually worked a really surprising number of times. This is mostly due to Ailith having discovered a talent for being a frighteningly good PVP DK, and me having a talent for, er, running away without dying.

We decided since it was a lot of fun we'd try to do it properly this time around, and now we're being a little more sensible about it by bringing in a healer. This required me to level my Priest, as Ailith wasn't going to stop being a DK for something so trivial as success.

This season, Blizzard have made PVP gear more accessible than ever before and I'm impressed at how far I've managed to go with gearing up without spending any arena points or needing any rating. It was reasonably painful being farmed constantly in battlegrounds and Wintergrasp until I had some resilience, but definitely a better experience than gearing my Mage the season before. With Relentless (ilevel 245) accessories and Furious (ilevel 232) set pieces available for far less honor than equivalent items the season before, it's at least possible to get to that 800 resilience sweet-spot before stepping into the arena at all.

My only real problem at the moment is that the best weapon I have access to is a ilevel 232 drop from the Pit of Saron. Most of the people we're coming up against in arena have access to drops from ICC - we've seen Bryntroll a few too many times now.

Still, Sparkle Pony have managed to win 20 of their 33 games so far and achieve the dizzying heights of 800 rating. We're hoping we'll get to see 1800 and look at some tier one weapons. Even without a PVP weapon, I'm sitting around 1000 resilience at the moment, with 28k HP self-buffed. It's making battlegrounding so much more fun - and more than once I've reached the end and realised I haven't died once.

Our strategy for arena hasn't changed much though. I still mostly run around in circles screaming - I just occasionally manage to get the odd heal off too. Lets hope we can take that to 1800! A good DK can carry someone that far... right?


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Mar. 23rd, 2010 06:41 am (UTC)
I maintain that the comp would have worked better if I wasn't using rank 1 Scourge Strike, amongst other abilities. ;)

Still, the new comp is a more enjoyable type of game imo - more defensive, and much longer / more drawn out. Which is much more fun than if we don't get one of them down fast we're screwed.
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